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How far
would you go

  • to 

  • beat

  • cancer?

What's The Mongol Rally?


We’d be lying if we didn’t say “because we really, REALLY want to”...

It’s the ultimate opportunity to embark on a ‘once in a lifetime’ adventure. However, this is a charity event and we plan to raise awareness and TONNES of money for our chosen charities.

Our charities


So how will we raise all this money and awareness?

Well, besides driving a ridiculous car, on a ridiculous route, a ridiculous distance, we’ll be doing what we do best - Producing a stunning documentary project to connect our charities, sponsors and audience.

This project consists of a short documentary film, a social media campaign, a photography book and a public event.

The project


The Argonauts is a team of of filmmakers, artists, designers and a pasta maker (also part time explorers) working in the creative industry who are about to take on their biggest challenge yet.

The team

the Argonauts

This is not a camping trip in the highlands with our mates. It’s The Mongol Rally, it’s tough, it’s dangerous, and it’s expensive.

Cars, visas, supplies, equipment, spares and tools … the list goes on.

Whilst we are well aware that there’s nothing you can do to improve our courage or safety (ha!), we are looking for financial or material support, big or small, to be able to embark on this madness and raise as much as we can for our charities in the process.

Join us.

… and this is what you get in return:

High Five!!

Brand promotion and association.

The Mongol Rally is a ridiculous event, but it's for a very good cause. We think the combination of three incredibly important charities and a challenge as ludicrous as the Mongol Rally, will get the attention of a fair few people.

By supporting The Argonauts you are automatically part of our fundraising journey for Cancer Research, Unicef and Cool Earth. We’ll be featuring our sponsors in a variety of ways across our website, film, photography book and during the charity event, which you’ll be invited to of course!

The Mongol Rally will have his own TV show this year, so there’s a chance brands associated with the rally will find their way in to the big screen.

See below to get an idea of how your brand can become part of our campaign.

So ... how far
would you go?

From financial backing to helping provide tools or equipment, publicity and more, there are many ways you can help support The Argonauts. We’re open to all help, in any way shape or form!

Financial backing is of course going to be a huge help.

We’ve calculated that we will need £1 for each km of our journey to cover all our costs, so, the further you push us, the further we’ll push your brand's association and promotion.

Go ahead! Drag the white dot below or click the emojis to explore our pledges.

How far would you go?


= £10.00


Every little help!
Send us your favorite song and we will film ourself singin it.

Thank you!!

Thanks for reading!

We are extremely grateful for you taking the time for reading through our pitch. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.

We can’t wait to hear for you!


Nice one, Lorenzo! 🙏

Thanks so much for the support, you'll recieve the payment receipt in your inbox. We'll get in touch shortly to further discuss your sponsorship. If - for any reason - you want to reach us sooner, please drop us an email at

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